It has been claimed that social sciences fail to interpret the contemporary world. This world has been characterized by disorderliness, complexity and uncertainty. People are getting lost in the abundance of information. However, a sociological imagination and a step beyond the disciplinary boundaries represent instruments which make you increasingly perceptive and thus enable you to make sense of even such complicated circumstances in which we currently find ourselves.

We believe that it is important to ask questions. We refuse to skim the surface and to satisfy ourselves with simplified descriptions of situations which do not explain anything but only reinforce the initial settings and thus make the situations dead-end. We know as well, how important is the way we ask: the question demarcates the horizon we can reach.

To work in a collective means to work in a non-hierarchical environment, which is an ideal basis for mutual understanding, and a soil for growing high-quality research.

We offer our collective energy, experiences, knowledge, ideas and enthusiasm to those who need to conduct high-quality sociological research, require a substantially argued, constructed and clear opinion, or are interested in proliferation of social scientific knowledge. We enjoy working in collaboration with public institutions, non-profit and other organizations. We want to do things which make sense and have a social impact.