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Invisible citizens

An interview with Thibauld Moulaert about aging in urban areas

Urban decisions are more and more often consulted with the ordinary citizens. Yet, there are groups of people with whom it is rather not counted, for example, elderly patients or caregivers. Why is this so and what is it to be done about it? We asked the sociologist who deals with the problematics of the relation between the age of the citizens and urban planning, on the long-term basis.

Thibauld Moulaert (1978) is a Belgian sociologist and associate professor at the Université de Grenoble -Alpes. He worked as a research coordinator REAICTIS - a network of international studies of age, citizenship and socio-economic integration. Along with Suzanne Garon, he prepared the publication Age -Friendly Cities in International Comparison: Political Lessons, Scientific Avenues, and Democratic Issues (2015).

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